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Sleep deprivation ruing your entire body

By Jacqui Iwu

Sleep is a nature gift from God and should come naturally. Unfortunately, in our today micro wave and very stressful life, alots of people miss their natural sleep and hardly know the bad health effects . You see people screaming at each other early mornings , agitated, angry, anxious and irritated for no good reason and you wonder..what the- heck?
Such persons get to their work place and all they do is slam doors , throwing files at their slow learning employees for small mistakes and hardly take time to even listen to explanations. Some will enter the board meeting and all they do is gulp down cups of black coffee and snacks to keep awake but hardly pull it through and make meaningful contributions at the meeting. At the end of the day, they carry their files back home and instead of getting some sleep, they still keep awake late nights missing their sleep once more. This attitude goes on constantly and before you know it, they are out of control, they burn out and sometimes need clinical therapy and counseling to get back to track. Sadly in this part of our world especially in Nigeria, most people do not believe they have to pay someone to heal them just by ”talking” and they need this counseling more than other races due to the high level of stress and economic problems we have here.
Rather than seek counseling and therapy, they will go to medical doctors for drugs which includes mostly sleeping pills. Check this out folks, if you have tried being hooked on sleeping pills am sure you will agree with me that, the after effects are worse than not sleeping at all. It will get to a stage , you will not sleep without them and when you finally wake up in the morning, you are so tired, fatigued and totally useless to do anything for days. Natural sleep energizes you , keeps you fresh, alert and fully charged to work for the day. See the difference? So why trying to coat and cover the source of your problem rather than tackle it naturally? It will even get to a stage, the sleeping pills will stop working and those who are hooked on them wake up in the middle of the night romancing the ceiling and walls of their apartments till early morning.
I also do not blame our medical doctors because some of them after admnistering the sleeping pills, will also tell the patients that he/she must have to see some stress expert or a clinical psychology expert for some therapy/counseling but Nigerians will never take this advice. To such people, counseling is for the western world. How can they pay someone hourly just by sitting down and talking about their work/relationship/romance/marriage garbagge? Ok, do not talk about it…keep bottling them inside and keep being depressed, useless and being a total wreck till one day you will be crossing the road and being hit down by the car because your vision was blurred that you never even noticed, a car rushing towards you. You will also get to work one day and your boss calls you in his or her office and say to you- ‘I am sorry, you are hardly focused for some months now and all you do is to lazy about and we cannot afford to keep you….you are fired!!!!!’ A haaa…your eyes will clear abi? Now you will cry home and gulp more of pills and pills to even numb your emotions of being sacked from where you get your daily bread. This is the time the pills will send you to your doom! Trust me i cannot butter my words here or else most people will not understand the implications of depriving their body of good night sleep. Maybe alcohol will be added to the pills!! Start preparing your tomb space with this baaaaaadddddd combo just to sleep. Must you pass all through these just to have a good night sleep? No way folks…absolutely not!!!!!! Alcohol consumption just to sleep and forget your sorrows is worse than pills. So when you now combine both of them……you are done!!!!!
I have said it earlier that sleep is something that comes easily and naturally when your body is free of junks and stress and other health problems. By the way, someone wrote me sometime and wanted to know why I said that stress is dangerous. Can you beat this folks? At this age, an adult is still wondering and seeing stress as a normal lifestyle that should be neglected. This same stress has sent lot of people to their untimely graves without even them knowing that it was stress killing them slowly. The same stress has crumbled lots of marriges and sent most people out of jobs because they never managed their feelings properly to achieve/do anything good. Anyway, I cannot finish talking about causes of sleeplessness without talking about high level of stress. Other things that creates sleeplessness are – too much consumption of unhealthy-junk foods day after day, health issues, terminal diseases, stale romance/relationships, lack of regular excercise, too much alcohol, depression etc. are major causes of sleeplessness. I cannot finish explaining how all these create sleep deprivation today but the most two that a lot of Nigerians have are –high level of stress, consumption of junk foods. Some of the things I mentioned here can also create stress and are taken care of when tackling or treating stress.
Those who have high level of stress hardly sleep. There is also a few who sleep at intervals but hardly make a good night sleep. People under stress are so worked up that their entire body system hardly give them any comfort including sleeping well. Most of them seek comfort in sleeping pills like I said earlier but the situation gets worse. If you are under stress, you can not cure it with drugs. You discover what is causing your stress and deal with the root of it. The pills cannot ask you certain questions about your life activities and counsel you on things to do. All the pills do is to numb and knock you out making you unconcious of what are happening around.
If you are a junk food lover, try swtiching over to healthy stuff and see the difference.
Deprive yourself a good night 7-8hrs sleep every night for 1wk and you will appreciate reading this. For the women..ever heard of ”beauty sleep”? This freshens your skin daily without creams.

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