Nigeria’s workers complain of so many things, The complaints include inexcusably low wages, non-payment, part-payment, or payment in arrears, lack of job security and 3 cost of living due to inflation that is beyond their reach.
Among their complains also are late payment, stagnation in one post for long and things such as lack of job security and/or satisfaction and under-assignment in terms of allocating one duties that are below ones competence, thus making the job unchallenging. We have a problem in the professional management of the disgruntled worker.
Of a truth, both private and government employers can be found culpable on most of these accusations, if well investigated. Coping with a disgruntled workforce is more than a herculean task. The hope for better days for the Nigerian worker is still remote, thanks to low national income from oil. That’s the worst part of it.
The least one can expect from a situation like this is destruction of the motivation for work. Evidently some workers in response to this may be vengeful and decide to hit back at the society with the least opportunity. This would be a suicidal action on the part of any worker(s) who might wish to toe this line. The nation’s labor leaders have a dual responsibility in this. They must train all workers to know that every body is in for trouble if the nation’s workforce by any chance of accident or design is unable to be the beacon of fight and pivot on which national progress and development rest. Secondly they must work very hard to get all employers to give workers their due; and more than that a strong  motivation for work. No growth is possible with an unmotivated labor force.
What we ask for eventually from all sides is for the Nigerian workforce to be strongly motivated for service and to be given the proper orientation as a dependable resource for development
Ultimately the management of worker discontent in Nigeria today is more difficult and ‘complex than most people would appreciate. Its consequences include low productivity, absenteeism, truancy, disobedience and indiscipline of all names. The government must tackle these with great insight and dispatch for the festering worker discontent in the country to-be reversed and overcome.

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