Bishop Chukwunenye advises against vain worship

The Anglican Bishop of Oru, Rt. Rev. Geoffrey Chukwunenye, PhD has submitted that “a deeper study of worship shows that it is more a thing of the heart and mind than a physical action or position”.
Espousing the theme of the 2016 Diocesan Synod; “Worship not the Lord in vain” in his presidential address at Emmanuel (Ang) Church, Ubulu, in Oru West Local government of Imo State, the Bishop added also that “worship means having a bowed-down head and heart as we adore and reverence our creator.”
In a scholarly presentation backed with massive biblical references, Bishop Chukwunenye lamented that “many believers today, unfortunately, are seeking and worshipping God in vain because they are still worshipping God according to the Old Testament”.
He argued that New Testament believers “are no longer under any restrictions in relation to the place of worship; we are free to worship anywhere, for He now dwells in us”.
The prelate observed that many believers today still seek to worship God according to the incomplete revelation of God given by the prophets of old, adding that “that is why many people are being defrauded and swindled out of their financial resources and material possessions in the name of all sorts of offerings as a mode of worship simply because they don’t know the truth that Jesus is the end, perfection and fulfiment of all the old testament laws, offerings, sacrifices, ceremonies or rites”.
The Bishop of Oru proceeded to counsel Christians on ways not to worship God in vain.
“First and foremost, our every act as Christians should be a worshipful adoration of our Great God; when we pray, we should practice bowing not just our heads but also our hearts…”, he advised.
The prelate also submitted that “the Lord desires and expects the believers to worship and   serve him out of pure love for Him and not out of lust for riches, positions, fame or applause of men and in the power of the Holy Spirit and not in the power of the flesh”.

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