Fraudsters devise new method of defrauding bank customers

By Abraham Eze-David
and Chinaza Baruch

Scammers, a.k.a.  Yahoo yahoo boys, have devised new tricks of defrauding bank customers through the Internet and electronic banking system.
This time, they have resorted to making online purchases through the web and causing the banks to debit accounts other than theirs.
Narrating her experience to Christian Voice, recently, a victim of this new fraud (names withheld) said that she  received a debit alert for N10,000 from her bank and as she was wondering what transactions she made with the bank, another alert also for N10,000 came in.
Confused, she called the bank’s customer care unit as it was not during banking hours and asked them to block her account.
After further enquiries, the customer care unit official told her that someone had used her ATM card for a web transaction and was asking whether she gave out her card and PIN number to anyone, which she did not.
According to the victim, when she got to the bank the following day, she found an elderly man before the bank with the same complaint that N60,000 had been taken away from his account.
The man, she said, looked so worried and expressed concern for the safety of his money in the bank vis-à-vis the new electronic banking system and the mandatory use of ATM in most banks these days.
Further enquires by our reporters revealed that many customers have been trooping to the banks with various complaints of fraud on their accounts.
One of the bank managers attributed it to carelessness on the part of some customers who disclose their account numbers and PIN to fraudsters when they come under the guise of rectifying some anomalies in their accounts and Bank Verification Number (BVN).
He said that some customers had come with tales of text messages sent to them, indicating that they had problems with their BVN and that they should send their ATM PIN, account numbers and names for the errors to be rectified.
The official warned that banks do not send such messages and have been making this known to customers through SMS and asking them not to divulge their bank details to anyone.
He, however, assured that the banks are doing everything possible to forestall such frauds and urged the customers to do their own part to help the banks.

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