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The implosion in the PDP

By Dann Jocobs

What is happening in the PDF must be understood before ft can be stopped. PDF currently suffers implosion. That’s why it is unable to hold its party Congresses and Conventions, no matter how much it tries. It is the same difficulty the country is having in uniting. The movement is too large and finds it hard to be efficient. It is too centralized and the centre cannot hold anymore. If care is not taken the ruling party, the APC will suffer the same fate before long and add political instability to the numerous problems facing the country.
Since the PDF was deposed from power, it has been in disarray. More of the billions missing from the national account were traced to the party’s top notches, almost exclusively. Obviously the POP members accused of financial crimes seem to have overdone things and made their cases rather unpardonable.
The populace expects the speedy conclusion of the trials and the inevitable severe punishments that will follow, commensurate to the huge amounts the people pocketed. So far the snail speed of this process again baffles Nigerians. This is least expected at a time when reasonable speed should naturally move the anti-corruption crusade on. Today, the POP is confused about its future and dominated by its internal squabbles. It therefore makes itself irrelevant as an opposition. There is no one to call the governing APC to order, if and when it engages in any official misconduct.
The debacle in the PDF does not appear to be a temporary setback, but the death throes of Nigeria’s (if not Africa’s) largest political movement. Increasingly, the PDF continues to be locked in the past: obsessed by problems the country has gone beyond. We are afraid the party is growing into a whacky machine producing only sound and fury, but signifying nothing. It is incapable of offering solutions to real national calamities that are everywhere now.
The party should fashion ways of re-defining itself as a patriotic organization of people. It is hard to have sympathy for the POP if it continues in its self-destructive ways, which may bar it from being in power ever again.

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