Activist lambasts Nigerian students … Says activism has gone cold, unions now hawk awards

An activist and former student’s union leader, Mr. Omoyele Sowore, has lashed out at Nigerian students who, he said, have gone cold in their activism.
In an interview, Sowore, a former president of the University of Lagos Students Union, said that some profiteers have hijacked student unionism and that they go around “hawking meaningless awards to criminals”.
He called upon the students to overthrow these profiteers in their midst and be bold in taking the initiative to bring about a better society.
While stating that the students have the population and enormous powers to change the society, the activist pointed out that members of the society  should be ready to support the students.
“Student activists need lawyers, doctors, journalists and sometimes financiers to withstand the tyranny of school authorities and the police”, he said.
Sowore, the founder of Sahara Reporters, an online news website, said that protests and agitations were necessary to hold government accountable, adding that it is so even in the American democracy which is 200 years old.
He regretted that Nigeria, in its 17 years of democracy, is still unable to conduct a truly free and fair election.
The activist, who suffered several humiliation in the hands of the military in his hey days said that Sahara Reporters has completely revolutionized the media landscape through innovative people-centred reporting.
“We have brought the “mass” into “communication”. We do not have sacred cows”, he said.

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