Archbishop warns Christians to shun demonic powers

By Victor Alison

Christians have been urged to faithfully embrace the power of the Holy Spirit which is the genuine power for protection and source of power to do exploits.
The Archbishop/ Bishop of Orlu, Most Rev. Bennett C.I. Okoro, PhD made the submission recently at a church service at St. Andrew’s  (Ang) Church, Amasano in Njaba Local Government Area of Imo state.
The prelate lamented that some Nigerians have sold their souls because of fear of wicked people, fear of death, fear of occultic powers and satanic powers.
Others, he pointed out, have donated themselves to demons and agents of Satan to acquire power, believing that man-made satanic powers will protect them which, on the contrary, lead to their doom and destruction.
Archbishop Okoro attributed this to some people living in ignorance in the days of enlightenment describing it as one of the diseases that can destroy a person and that such amounted to leaving the substance to pursue shadow because of people lacking wisdom and vision.
The archbishop frowned at the fact that in many churches, many who profess to be Christians have become hypocrites who have been defiled by demonic powers.