Bishop of Asaba on poverty of riches

The Theme is very apt for this present dispensation. We live in an age in which people tend to  increasingly idolize money and material wealth and can go to any extent to acquire material possession. It brings to mind what Jesus faced during temptation when the devil asked him to bow down for him. Many people are bowing down for Satan through idolatry, cultism, witchcraft, murder and bloodshed in order to acquire wealth but the devil never told them that whatever he gives to men lasts only for a short time and so people remember rather late that there is something more than material. Love of money represents everything, every pleasure, every comfort that is diametrically opposed to the glory and blessing of the Almighty God.
It is instructive to note that this quest for riches has even come into the Church and the fact that the church tolerates it somehow makes us to be weak in prayer, therefore incapable of influencing our nation to bring them to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We must state, however, that the theme is not necessarily the glorification of material poverty. It is only one powerful way of drawing our attention to the need to seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness and see God providing all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:19) Everything about our life will come to an end on this earth; there is somewhere beyond the grave and that is where we aspire to be.

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