Considering the mammoth number of burials m these days and for a long time now one ^^^ would ask the question; is death rate increasing? This is not a question that can be answered offhand without empirical evidence. Comparisons and diagnoses are all necessary to know where we stand on these matters. Certainly a lot of people are dying, but it is not a reason to conclude that death rate is increasing or that life span is shortening. Social scientists must come in here to provide the sure evidence.
It will be interesting to know the age brackets of the people who are dying. If the dying are more among old people who are regarded as ripe in age and spent, who have paid their dues,, the society would not have much to worry about But if the dying are people who are in their prime and have many more years of active service to render, then there is cause for alarm.
However death rate and life span of people have a lot to do with the state of health of a nation. The statistics of these must be available at all times for gauging the demographic barometer of the country. In this country nobody knows exactly how the death rate relates to the birth rate and guarantees the supply of manpower and labor force to meet future requirements of an economy that is in steady expansion.
What are the causes of death?  What are the conditions that shorten life in our society? If social scientists don’t investigate this correctly and make the figures available we would never know when the death rate has become too high, or the life span too short for sustainable development And the usefulness of our social scientists will be seriously in doubt That’s why we must ask the question whether we are living long enough and if the rate at which we are dying is good for comfort. If not, a special policy for addressing the issue has become imperative. We have reason to believe that too many people are dying and being buried these days. The government has a bounden duty to ensure a higher quality of life and the longevity of all its citizens. This should not be taken for granted as if it doesn’t matter.

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