Our children are in trouble

According to the book of Psalm l27:3 ESV, “behold, children are heritage from the lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. The birth of a child into a legal union brings great joy. When two persons of the opposite sex come together in marriage, the society anticipates the birth of a new born baby. A family without an issue seems unfulfilled. They go extra miles to get such precious gift. This goes a long way to portray the beauty children add to a home.
However, the fate of a child in our   contemporary society has been smashed on the harsh wall of societal decay. The future we all are hopefully and eagerly anticipating for begins to pose a nightmare that is better imagined than experienced. The child in our society today has been abandoned, neglected, ignored, abused and pampered all in the name of societal trends.
The popular proverbs 22:6 “train a child in the way he should go, when he is old, he will not depart from it” has gradually gone into extinction all in the name of civilization. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” has been fine tuned by baseless ideologies all in the name of adopting western civilization. Our cultural values gradually fizzling out and madness springing up.
According to Locke and Rousseau, a child is born completely free of any predisposition or vulnerability. Everything a child would become was due to the effects of the environment. This educational and psychological view is regarded as “tabula rasa”. A child is a mere blank slate that needs to be nurtured and groomed to the right path.
There are several ways parents miss it when it comes to child care and nurturing. It is believed that socialization starts from the home. Families pay a major role in inculcating values for a child. Psychological and social views, has it that every child is unique and behaves in different ways. I have come to embrace the fact that the family plays a major role in fine tuning their different behavioral traits.
In our society today, things have really changed. It’s no longer when we say “women’s education ends in the kitchen”. Women are also breadwinners in families. Taking up challenging, tasking and time consuming jobs as well as the men. Today we see homes where a man and his wife leave the house as early as Gam and get back to the house around 7am. The kids in this type of home are abandoned for the house helps, nannies and drivers to take up the parental roles. It may surprise you to see three months old babies in daycare centers. Some of them are abandoned there from morning till evening while their parents run helter-skelter in the pursuit of their career.   Children in this type of homes are neglected and abandoned at the mercy of teachers and nannies at schools.
Most times these children are being molested, ill treated by these house helps and drivers, right under the nose of self acclaimed parents. The mass media has gone a long way to pollute the minds of these children. All the parents care is to provide these children with anything they desire without monitoring them. It will amaze you to see a lower primary pupil’s laptop loaded with all forms of pornographic movies and movies that are not age appropriate. They watch movies, uncountable cartoons on cable without parental supervision. You can now see a primary school child freely talking about sex, kissing and having a crush on someone and when you ask them to explain them it will amaze you that they will explain it better than you. When you look at the secondary level, it’s a point of no return. They are exposed to all forms of immorality. Most times you wonder if they came from homes with parents.
These abandoned children most times lack love and clear understandings of love. They tend to look for it elsewhere. Maybe in the hands of boyfriend, sugar daddies, uncles or even drivers and gatemen. These children need to be loved and cared for not pamperd when a child is pampered; he/she develops weakness and belief that others should do everything for them. Parents are always in a hurry, they never allow the children to participate in house chores. They always tell them to go and play. When that child grows up he or she will be maladjusted.
You see homes where the parents are scared of scolding their children because they were never staked early just like the yam tendris.the implication is that they will grow wayward and when you try to forcefully stake them later, you break it .you see them running to teacher for help.
Today, our cultural values have gradually fizzled out and our local languages gone into extinction many Children no longer know what respect is, they don’t greet and respect has been diluted all in the name of teaching a child boldness. It’s now old fashioned for a child to speak his local language both in school and at homes. Some of them now see their local languages as a barbaric language. The implication is that when you speak their local language to them they stare like moron or probably reply with English language that may not even be grammatically correct.
Gone are those days when a child would fail in exams and parents scold and ask them to repeat a class. Never rather they blame the teachers for their child’s failure. Most private schools today are set up for business and so in a bid to get more customers they falsify a child’s result just to prove to parents that their children are improving. They go extra miles to encourage examination malpractice during, external exams. Most times parents encourage that. The consequence is that we have a lot of certificated illiterates in our society. The more you look the less you see.
The society is faced with an impending calamity of an epic proportion. Parents should go back to the drawing board to restore the glory of the good old days. Parents should know what it takes before venturing into parenthood. Kudos to the teachers who try to go beyond the stipulated curriculum to inculcate the right values on children and to parents who see it as a priority to train their children in the right way. Ail hands must be on deck to fight this menace and according to our local proverb, when you see a fowl scratching the ground, endeavor to prevent it because you never can tell who will eat the legs.

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