Ikeduru Knights worship at St. Peter’s Uzoagba … To support Church

St. Peter’s (Ang) Church, Umuomi, Uzoagba in Ikeduru Local Government Area, Imo State, were happy hosts last Sunday to the members of Ikeduru Council of Knights who visited the church on Evangelical outreach.
The programme is designed for the knights and ladies to visit, support, encourage and strengthen smaller church stations.
In his sermon with the theme, “Don’t lose hope” (Heb. 6:19), the chaplain to the council, Rev. Can. Charles Mgbemena, commended the  knights for their services to God and humanity, blessing them that as they build churches, support small church stations in the diocese, so would God build their homes and support their families as there is no glory without a story.
Canon Mgbemena posited that there is no  alternative to hope and urged Christians to remain steadfast in their faith especially in these difficult times when hope seems to be giving way to frustrations and sorrows, but warned Christians not to cut corners in order to survive the onslaught.

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