The days set aside for national observances are so many nowadays that how the days are observed is all taken for granted. The days come without warning. The days pass without any observances. Some people in the government say something about the days. The media announce them. And that’s all about it. There’s no involvement of the people whatsoever!
But we think this should not be so. If we endorse the setting aside of days for certain worthy causes and remembrances, the occasions must be observed as stipulated and with all seriousness. Many other nations of the world budget specifically and generously and observe the Days with the full involvement of their people who thus gain a lot from them in many respects.
For instance, what was done nationwide on the last Children’s Day and Democracy Day events across the country and at various strata of the society?  People went about their normal business and neglected the observances mapped out for the days. This is not their fault. They were not sensitized and directed on what to do. It is a question of mass mobilization and creating awareness in the populace, which certain ministries and agencies should be in the vanguard of. But they do nothing to mark the days.
We recommend that in future, the full list of international and national events be widely publicized for public information. It should be a sort of calendar that keeps people posted about what is coming up. The way the events are to be observed should be stated in public notices, so that the essence of the Days is brought home in full, and not lost to the people.
There is no point joining as a country to celebrate UN’s international events when nothing is done in the country on those Days. It is so bad that on our own national Days as well nothing remarkable is observed to mark them. We are merely cheating ourselves. We are being hypocritical to our own detriment. Those Days are set aside in the interest of counties like ours.

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