I am lending my voice on this matter firstly, as a Christian; secondly as an Igbo person; thirdly as a native of Orodo, where the late Bridget hails from and; fourthly as presently a Nigerian citizen who has been quite upset following the very unsettling developments in our Country Nigeria, particularly since after the last General Elections.
We were made to understand through both the local and foreign media that if the last General Elections had gone otherwise, in respect of the Presidency, that there was to have been serious bloodletting and bloodshed in Nigeria with the Igbo citizens as the primary target. In fact this was so obvious that even the “Christian” Gen. Theophilus Danjuma (Rtd.) was quoted as declaring that President Goodluck Jonathan (IPP) was much wiser than Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu (late Defunct-Biafra Head of State), in having quickly and unhesitatingly conceded victory to President Muhammadu Buhari, which gesture actually averted the said programmed bloodshed, pogrom or second civil war in Nigeria. We as Igbo citizens are yet to know why we had been targeted, when an Igbo was neither the incumbent nor one of the contestants, not even the Electoral Umpire (INEC Chief).
The above scenario leaves us with the following implicit, as well as tacit, verdicts: firstly, that our Electoral Process carries with it inherent flaws that are either deliberately allowed or provided for, as was openly acknowledged by late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua; secondly, that the Nigeria’s Judicial System to which we resort after elections do not by their procedure and eventual verdicts elicit or engender the confidence of certain groups and sections of the Country, hence the resort to violence during and after elections and; thirdly, the Igbo MUST provide the heads that must be felled at will by the Mob of the Muslim North once there is a reasonable, if ever so, or unreasonable reason to shed blood; there is a section of this country that must decide whether the Union Nigeria must exist and how it should exist- whether in fear, turmoil or war.
However, not minding the fact that Ja’matu Nasril Islam Organization has issued an anonymous apology on the “abuse/misuse of the ‘blasphemy’ clause by some Islamic miscreants over the stoning-to-death of Madam Bridget Agbahime; Not minding the “statement” that was issued from the Presidency in that respect; Not minding that the Emir of Kano whom we all know to have been the Governor of The Central Bank of Nigeria (IP) and with sufficient credential to be classified a Statesman, is yet to issue any strong Statement on the stoning of Madam Bridget Agbahiwe on  3rd June, 2016 in his jurisdiction, Kano; Not minding the fact that I am not yet aware that the Governor of Kano State as well as the Supreme Council on Islamic Affairs are yet to issue stern Statements or reassuring Apologies on this sad tragedy, other than limp submissions just to calm the outrage and possibly thereafter to consign the matter for a later and indefinite attention/ KIV-Keep In View as with such cases in the past.
As no form of due redress or reparation had come in the past following such Religious-slanted incidents, and being mindful of the fact that such incident had occurred in 1995 involving one Mr. Gideon  Akaluka (of Blessed Memory) that hailed from Ikeduru in Owerri-Zone and from same Imo State and of same Igbo extraction, causes me to be minded in favour of putting both our common Constitution and Judicial System to the acid-test now vide a systematic-systemic procedure thus:-
By securing the record showing the “Cause of Death” by the Medical Practitioner that certified Madam Bridget dead; Securing the Death Certificate of Madam Bridget from the National Population Commission’s (NPC), Kano-office; Getting the extract from the Crime Diary from the Divisional Police Office (DPO) in which jurisdiction Madam Bridget Agbahiwe was stoned stating the “Cause of Death” of late Madam Agbahiwe; Issuance of full Bio-data of late Madam Bridget Patience by Pastor Agbahime’s/Husband’s family; TO AVOID ANY SHADOW OF DOUBT- Conducting an autopsy on the body of late Madam Bridget Agbahime to provide a comprehensive record of the autopsy to show the “Cause of Death” of Mrs. Bridget Agbahime;
Thereafter to institute a legal action in the Federal High Court (vide the Magistrate Court within the Jurisdiction of the incident) wherein the CLAIMANTS/PLAINTIFFS would be the following
-The Head of Clan/Kindred of the husband of late Bridget Agbahiwe
-The Traditional Ruler of Amaukwu Orodo, Autonomous Community;
-The President, Orodo Progressive Union (OPU)
-The Chairman of Traditional Rulers in Mbaitoli;
-The Chairman of Traditional Rulers in Imo State;
-The Chairman/President, Christian Association of Nigeria.
-(These should Bell the Cat for the sake of Igbo-race in Nigeria and the Christian Faith for all times)
The Claimants’/Plaintiffs’ WITNESSES shall be
-The husband of late Bridget Agbahime;
-The Deeper Life Bible Church;
-The Divisional Police Officer/His Statement/Extract of Crime Diary;
-Other Eye-Witnesses during the stoning of Madam Bridget Patience Agbahime.
The listing of the DEFENDANTS is suggested to be as follows:-
-The Culprits/Their Sponsors/Their Teachers;
-The Leader, Ja’matul Nasril Islam in Kano State;
-The Emir/Islamic Leader of Kano;
-The Governor of Kano State;
-The President of Nigeria, C/o The Attorney General of the Federation.
The RELIEFS to be sought would include, but not limited to, the following:-
-Full prosecution and trial of the Culprits;
-Reparation for the family of the deceased to the tune of Eight Billion Naira only (N8.0B), and the same sum for any other consequential death in the process and thereafter;
-An assurance of peace and full protection of all Igbo and all other Christian citizens, Nigerians or Foreigners that are domiciled in any part of Kano State and the entire Northern Nigeria;
-A declaration that the Sharia Court, its Laws and Tendencies apply only to Moslems and exclusive of Non-Moslems, and any issue arising between a Moslem and a Non-Moslem shall find judicial settlement in a Common Court for the generality of the citizenry, as subjecting a Non-Moslem to the Sharia Laws is oppressive and a copious denial of fundamental Right of the Non-Moslem as both parties share a common citizenship and/or humanity.
By the time we get to the eventual determination of this Suit, and without the option of “Out-of-Court-Settlement” we would have achieved either of two things:
A Statement/Judgment that guarantees the right of domicile of any Nigerian in any part of Nigeria;
A Statement/Judgment that determines the end of existence of Nigeria in its present form or structure OR at all.
If Madam Bridget were to have been a foreigner living in Kano, Nigeria, she could not be said to have been stoned to death by some miscreants without the Ministry of External/Foreign Affairs stepping in to take full responsibility and to account and make full reparations in consequence thereto.
Then the BIG QUESTION requiring an ANSWER is- Is it now a RISK to be Christian in Nigeria, and more so a Nigerian Christian and particularly to live in Nigeria, to either face “Herdsmen” at home in the Southern  and North Central Regions or Islamic “Fanatics/Fundamentalists/Miscreants” outside one’s State in the Upper Northern  States?
We need a final Answer and the time is NOW!

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