Uneasy calm in Orodo Bridget’s home town

Uneasy calm has descended Orodo town, home of Mrs Bridget Patience Agbahime, the pastor’s wife who was lynched by Muslim zealots in Kano State.
Christian Voice checks on the town revealed that since the news broke , people have been gathering in small groups to discuss the issue.
It was freely discussed in commercial vehicles where one passenger, shaking his head, said that the women was sharing an open space with the suspected assailant.
“On that fateful day, the woman appealed to the assailant who spread his mat in the woman’s space while preparing to pray to shift. But he refused. When the woman touched the mat, the Muslim uttered some Arabic words to signify defilement of the mat. He then invited those who came to kill the woman” the passenger narrated.
A senior uncle of the bereaved pastor said that he needed to see his brother before commenting on the ugly incident.
He said that the church members may have siezed the pastor’s phone to protect him from disturbance and that he has not visited home to give them details of the case.
Efforts to reach another of his relatives, a top police officer in Owerri, proved abortive as he was said to be involved in the on=going police recruitment.
One of the people met at the vicinity said that the community members were watching to know how government would handle the case before they react to the incident.