Ven Ezeabii counselts dads to provide for their children

Venerable Ginikanwa Ezeabii, Vicar, Emmanuel Anglican Church, Achara Layout Enugu, has admonished fathers who fail to provide for their children.
The Vicar was delivering a sermon at a service to mark this year’s Father’s Day at Emmanuel Church last Sunday.
Quoting the bible, Ven Ezeabii told the fathers: “Prepare your family in the way of the LORD and teach them the way of God,” also quoting 1st Timothy Chapter 5 vs. 8 which says “But if any one does not provide for his own especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”
He took a swipe oat fathers who abuse their household even as they squander their salaries in eateries and restaurants with women of easy virtue, while children’s school fees and other family necessities remain neglected.
The cleric advised fathers to bring up their children spiritually, especially as they are a gift from God.
He warned that taking care of the family does not only mean stealing and cheating to provide buildings and landed property for the family.
“God is going to judge us whether we trained the children spiritually or otherwise. Train your children very well so that they become a blessing to the nation. Failure to train them well and spiritually, they will become a curse and may even come to you with a gun”, he said.
As we celebrate the Fathers’ Day, let us all think about ourselves, ask God for the determination, and will to train our children and household spiritually.
The first lesson was taken from Jonah 3 & 4 and was read by Chief Sam Amaku; while the second lesson was taken from Acts 13:1-13, and was read by Mr. Chukwudi Enweani.
The men’s Christian fellowship added colour to the celebration with a drama, a special Anthem and donation of six aluminum windows valued at N300,000 to help accelerate progress on the new church building.

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