It’s time to restructure Nigeria – Chief Iwuanyanwu

By Nick Chibunna

Eminent politician, business mogul, sports promoter, publisher and Christian activist, Chief Engineer Sir Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, has added his weighty voice to the gathering call for the re-structuring of the Nigerian polity.
In an interview with journalists in Owerri last week, Chief Iwuanyanwu spoke on sundry national issues especially the fate of the Igbo in Nigeria where they have not got their due share.
He observed that there is a noticeable trend in the appointments and distribution of key positions in Nigeria which heavily tilt against the Igbo nation, alleging that a section of the country and religion occupy the juicy positions in the presidency, Army, Judiciary, Customs,   immigration police, National Assembly and others.
He maintained that in the present dispensation that the Igbos are worst hit with poor representation  at all levels of government despite the fact that the Igbo are the most accommodating among the Nigeria ethnic groups, recalling that Ndigbo have been suffering from the same fate since the return to civil rule in 1999.
Chief Iwuanyanwu debunked the notion that Igbo leaders are to blame for the fate of their people for not having a viable political platform to negotiate for equal participation, arguing that disagreements are common among leaders all over the world.

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