Mrs Clinton threw Bible at secret service agent – New Book reveals

A new book by a secret service agent who served in the Clinton administration alleges that Hillary Clinton once threw a Bible at the head of a security staff member.
According to The Telegraph, the book, called Crises of Character by Gary Byrne, is set to be released next week.
In the book, Byrne, who says he was assigned to guard the Oval Office for three years during the Clinton administration, accuses the Clintons of numerous kinds of misconduct.
Mrs. Clinton, writes Byrne in the book, appeared friendly to outsiders, but frequently exhibited fits of anger behind closed doors.
Byrne alleges it was a punishment for a security guard to be assigned to protect the first lady, and that Hillary Clinton once threw a Bible at a security guard in a burst of rage, hitting him in the back of the head.
“She’d explode in my face without reservation or decorum,” writes Byrne, noting that she often swore at agents and had told a uniformed officer to “Go f— yourself” when he said good morning to her.
Byrne also alleges that both Clintons treated their security staff as if they were part of the “furniture.”
Byrne and other secret service agents were reportedly forced to cover for Mr. Clinton’s extramarital affairs as well.
It remains to be seen whether Byrne’s book will have an impact on Hillary Clinton’s current presidential campaign.

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