AAMA has become another high point and watershed in the history of the Diocese of Owerri and in the Church of Nigeria in general.
To begin with, our deputy governor, on behalf of the state government and his good self played a role in the All Anglican Men’s Association conference in Mbieri which goes to prove that there is always a way when there is a will.
The rainy season did not deter the government from making the horrible road to the Obazu venue passable. Government also supported the conference with cash. This is a good gesture showing the government’s concern for the welfare of the people.
The action on the road to Mbieri should be sustained and continued, to give the town of Mbieri access roads from the two approaches, Nkwo-Orji and Eke Iho, Ikeduru LGA. This is an expectation the people have had for two decades. Now hey deserve to get relief on it.
Rt. Rev. Cyril Okorocha, Bishop of Owerri entered the AAMA conference like the captain of a ship in search of a new compass. He is always looking for innovations for steering the ship of the Diocese. His mission with the conference was achieved. It was a great leap forward. The Church addressed the hopes and fears of the state and the faithful. It reassured the people of God’s presence in times of trouble. The conference was conducted in an atmosphere of spirituality and dialogue and the people were visibly happy.
The Bishop’s central message of hope was appropriate for the troubled times. There was a sense of revival following the message in the mammoth gathering. It is sure to have a positive ripple effect when the delegates return home to their churches and families.
We congratulate all the delegates, the local organizing committee, the church leadership and the host church community, the Holy Trinity Church, Obazu, Mbieri. It was a conference that succeeded resoundingly beyond all expectations.

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