New programme, “The Hour of Glory” takes off in Ikeduru Diocese

A new programme designed to build the church and extend God’s Kingdom on earth has taken off in the Anglican Diocese of Ikeduru, with the bishop of the Diocese, the Rt Rev. Emmanuel C. Maduwike, JP at the head of ministration, and Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Egbule as the co-ordinator.
The programme entitled, “THE HOUR OF GLORY” is spirit and prayer revival service for all people irrespective of denominations, clan, class and social background.
Speaking to Christian Voice, the co-ordinator of the programme, the Rev. Dr. Egbule said that the programme was a direct mandate from God to his servant, Bishop Emmanuel Maduwike, JP to embark on aggressive soul winning plan with attendant miracle explosion in order to pull down and destroy the kingdoms of darkness, and at the same time plant and build his church, in order to set the captive free.
He said that the programme is all embracing, with people from various denominations and social background in attendances adding that the programme is a monthly event and takes place on the first Wednesday of every month at the St. Andrew’s Anglican Church Akabo in the Ikeduru Council Area of Imo State.
St Andrew’s Church Ikeduru was a beehive of activities Wednesday as people from all walks of life gathered to receive messages of salvation, hope, anointing, power, deliverance and healing.
In a power-packed sermon, entitled, “THE OVERWHELMING GLORY” (Is.40:3-5), Bishop  Maduwike said that every true child of God is a carrier of God’s glory, adding that the power and presence of God in the life of a believer manifests God’s glory.
He said that as Jesus Christ is equal in glory with God, so would children of God do exploit because the glory of God is upon them.
Bishop Maduwike admonished the people of God to stand unshakeable in their faith, hoping that with God all things are possible. He said that although we are living today in times of great changes, with attendant problems, crises and conflicts, God in His infinite mercy would always see His people through.
He said that the present day is encompassed with myriads of problems confronting the believer, which include persecution on the account of his or her faith, sickness and infirmities, childlessness, poverty, famine demonic attacks, oppression and many others, adding that all these are hindrances to our faith in God. Bishop Maduwike enjoined believers to look beyond these problems and rise and shine, according to God’s injunction in lS.60:1.
The prelate admonished the people of God never to allow the problems and circumstances of this life to weigh them down.
He said that King Uzziah was a hindrance to the ministry of Isaiah the prophet until the day of his death when God opened the eyes of the prophet to behold his short comings, and invariably was purged. He prayed that every hindrance and Uzziah in the lives of the children of God must die.
He said that although frustrations and pressure of this life can weigh somebody down, but quality time with God can turn round the situation. The prelate implored all to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
The ministration witnessed instant miracles and demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit, as many received instant healing, gift of the Holy Spirit and others.
Many participants to the programme expressed joy and fulfillment and prayed that the programme would continue. They also thanked God for the miraculous way He had been using Bishop Emma Maduwike who they described as God’s battle axe.
Many people prayerfully volunteered to sponsor the subsequent programme. The event was well attended with Knights and Ladies, top government functionaries, and many others from other Christian denominations.

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