Faith teaching dominates Knights’ week at Diocese on the Lake

The Bishop, Anglican Diocese on the Lake, Rt. Rev. Chijioke Oti PhD, has identified unbelief as a hindrance to the preaching of the gospel.
Addressing members of the Council of Knights of the diocese during their Knights Week, Bishop Oti said that teachers and leaders are appointed in the church to deal with unbelief.
In his paper entitled, “Making your faith Grow as a leader”, the prelate expounded on the principles governing the growth of faith, saying that faith grows in stages, from “mustard seed” to “mountain moving” faith.
According to him, faith grows by obedience to God and His word as well as by speaking God’s word and by believing what one speaks, adding that four elements of growing faith are hearing obeying, loving and saying.
The Bishop said that if ministers must achieve success, they need to grow in faith so as to win the confidence of followers in their ability.
In his presidential address at the week held at the Cathedral Church of St Mary Magdalene, Oguta, with theme “Walking by faith”, the council president, Sir Uche  Osoagba, decried the growing cost of living in the country, saying that money meant for the peoples’ affair are pocketed by a few.
He prayed God to turn the minds of political leaders to pay workers’ wages and pensions.
He also thanked God and the church leaders whose prayers, he said, have kept the nation from collapsing.

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