Retired Perm Sec wants immunity clause scrapped

By Nick Chibunna

As controversy rages on whether the immunity provision in section 308 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria be extended to some principal officers of the National Assembly, to protect them from unnecessary litigations and judicial pronouncements, a retired permanent secretary in the Imo State civil service and a union activist, Hon. Fabian A. Agba has called on relevant authorities to expunge that section from the constitution.
Speaking to newsmen recently on the state of the nation, especially as it affects civil servants, pensioners and the suffering masses, Hon. Agba said that the removal of immunity clauses would checkmate the excesses of some public officers, especially some governors who now see themselves as imperial over-Lords, and their states as conquered territories.
He lamented a situation where citizens of this great nation vegetate and die due to excruciating economic predicament and mismanagement, and their leaders carry on as if nothing is happening.
The former operator of government said that government is an art and a serious business, and needs concentration to attend to the needs of the citizens and not a job for non-starters and dramatists, adding that there must be division of labour.
He decried a situation where a governor is the contractor, the Attorney General, the Accountant General and everything, and at worst embarks on frivolous and white elephant projects that do not impact on the lives of the citizens.
Hon. Agba queried: “After mass demolition of people’s buildings, and sky-scrappers are built, who will live in them?”
Hon. Agba who is also the secretary of the Association of Retired Imo Permanent Secretaries, said that if the immunity clause is removed from the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, Concerned citizens can institute criminal proceedings against corrupt governors with the intent to remove them from office.
On the fate of Imo pensioners, the former permanent secretary said that Imo state is the worst hit in the country. He said that a situations where some pensioners are owned as much as 71 months is mind bulging.
He described pension as differed payment, adding that any government that worths its mettle should have it as its first charge.

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