Need for fairness in federal appointments

Federal appointments so far have been one-sided. No doubt about it. One would have thought that it would stop as public outcry against it assumed the dimension of a tumult. But more and more appointments have been made following the same pattern as if the federal government has no regard for public opinion whatsoever.
This has been overdone. And to correct it would be a big problem again.  This tendency gives the dangerous impression that some people are not wanted and should just be bystanders and spectators in a country in which they are stakeholders and bona fide citizens. It also denies people the right to belong and contribute to the development of the country.
This adds to the fragility of the idea of unity which Nigeria makes its incontestable and non-negotiable article of faith and  the anchor of  its corporate existence.
If some people are excluded and feel excluded one should not wonder why they are asking to be allowed to go away and form their own country. But if they are genuinely wanted and brought into participate as appointees of government, it will minimize agitations for a break-up.
The federal government should revise its orientation and learn anew what it means to unite. Differences, dichotomies and partitions in the country are too many already and the people are too sensitive about their rights and freedom. It makes no sense using appointments to create more divisions and misgivings while, at the same time, preaching the gospel of unity. The appointment policy of the federal government is creating irreparable discord. The policy of one-sided appointments should be stopped forthwith.

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