Drama over N.3m scam

 By Sunny Ngwu

There was an open but serious drama at a street corner at the Federal Housing Estate, Abakpa Nike, Enugu last Sunday as a middle-aged man firmly gripped a beautiful young woman by her skirt for over one hour, almost exposing her nakedness over an alleged job scam.
The appreciable crowd comprising mostly Christians returning from church service, were further puzzled by the fact that neither of the two dramatis personae uttered a word despite their efforts to broker peace and to find out the issue at stake.
The much the man did was to interject, “ask this woman”, looking at her with bitter contempt as she bore her ordeal with stoic silence.
But he eventually opened up following pleas from the crowd to loosen his grip on the woman and to resolve whatever was the misunderstanding between them.
According to him, he had been tracing the woman for two years and ready to die that day instead of letting her go.
He claimed that the woman, a staff of one of the tertiary institutions in Enugu, had collected N300,000 from him to secure his son, a graduate, a job in the institution two years earlier without the job materializing.
The man who said he hailed from Nkanu in Enugu State added that ever since she had been hiding from him and that he succeeded in tracing her residence but “any time I go there, her children will tell me she was not at home.”
He said he was more pained by the fact that he had borrowed the money from his town meeting in Enugu with interest, hoping that his son would have helped offset the loan with his salary had he been employed.
The woman whose husband was said to be a security personnel in the institution, did not utter a word on the allegation but continued to weep profusely.
Many in the crowd interpreted the woman’s non-response as consent but they still pleaded with the man for an amicable settlement, having subjected the woman to a public disgrace.
But one man in the crowd, who had stopped in his exotic car, came to the rescue.  He said the lady’s husband hailed from the same community with him, promising to ensure that the money was refunded.
The man reluctantly agreed after the peace-maker had put everything in writing.

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