Opposition -A democratic imperative

 By Dr Ifeanyi Ekenasi

Under the democratic order, opposition is among the conventional indicia of governance. In fact, opposition is a norm of the democratic alternative. It is a welcome attribute that pulls governmental posture away from all those  governmental highhandedness and detest the imperatives of the political regime– stratocracy, authoritarianism, totalitarianism, fascism or Nazism.
The essential ingredient of opposition is its inclination to point to an ailing government the way out of the woods. A reasonable and welcomed opposition is one where the point in issue is researched, the facts emerge and are subjected to in-depth analytical rigor. Then the product is utilized as an input to formulate a theory, a law, a principle or a rule. In the end, a recommendation is made as to how to do things in different and better ways pro bono publico.
Any opposition that is devoid of this process or fails to be recommendatory in  character becomes void and, or turns into negativity. Often, this type of opposition is meant to tear down, assassinate character, cause dissension, create disturbances, dislodge the polity and rock the social order. More often than not, the ultimate goal is to precipitate cataclysm and sedition.
When the Rt. Honorable Emeka Ihedioha with his cohorts chided the tireless and industrious governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha who is in a hurry to place Imo state on a higher development pedestal before leaving office, for expanding the ache- producing narrow roads in Imo state capital, he misses the point and his  opposition tends to be guilty of operating outside the four walls of welcomed opposition. Not that Ihedioha does not understand the principle of eminent domain or the police power of the state that authorizes the government to break the egg when making the omelet for the people. Not that he fails to realize that the roads need to be expanded and that the time to do so is now. Nor does he not know that the Eke-Ukwu market needs to be moved in the grand design that would adorn the Imo state capital with the sophistication of a modern, planned and aesthetic city. Methinks instead, that the headache Ihedioha experience emanates from the fact that Okorocha is the one doing it and taking the credit. This sentiment underscores the questions people are asking: “if not Okorocha, who?” “If not now, when?” The Rt honorable knows the spade but only chooses to call it a shovel and a digger instead of a spade due to his ulterior motives.
In one of his unguarded utterances featured on page 10 of the Daily Sun of July 18, 2016 Ihedioha called the expansion of the internal roads in Owerri, “unnecessary” and impliedly advising the government to stop work. One wonders why a very important personality in the person of Rt. Honorable Ihedioha who should be saddled with the responsibility of explaining to those he knows better than being the one to kick against the provision of infrastructure for the common good of all is to say the least, saddening.
We hear that Ihedioha has plans to run for the governorship of Imo state again. It would be a happy development to have him in the race come 2019 however, the crucial advice for the Rt. Honorable would be to reshuffle his strategy, observe keenly, gather the facts and then recommend to the government of the day what Imolites would consider a credible alternative to the present programs. Ihedioha’s present posture of tearing down the edifice and to criticize for its own sake yields no future political dividend.
The manner of administration being offered to the people of Imo state by the Okorocha/Madumere pair is novel. It is a lifetime opportunity for the people of Imo state. We must catch the current when it serves or lose the venture. Should we fail this time or detract these men of destiny from their avowed objective, history and posterity will subject us to a very gruesome and intricate question concerning our individual roles in the slipped opportunity. Owelle Rochas Okorocha and his alter ego, Prince Eze Madumere have erected uncountable monuments and presented the history books with numerous substantive artifacts and milestones to talk about. All must join hands to be a part of an amazing historical epoch, party cleavages, personal aggrandizement and individual idiosyncrasies notwithstanding.

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