In Imo state, though the widening of roads is the welcome intension of government in knocking away most structures along Qwerri city streets, the collateral damage and destruction done in the process has caused untold public panic, alarm and anxiety which cannot be overlooked People are traumatized and distressed as life-long investments and the liveihoods of SMEs were suddenly wiped out just to make roads wider. Yet this is a time when jobless is most acute, and government is promising more jobs. The same government is doing sormething  that throws thousands out of jobs they created themselves. The action has always looked like a misplaced priority in the sense that while virtually all rural roads are impassable, roads in the city that are very good to ply in the next couple of years are feverishly tackled with the state’s meager resources that could have gone wisely to much-needed palliative work on rural toads.
The caterpillar work along the streets should -stop so far, while attention is given the rural ro.ads/ahd action on the street sides already dug up, completed. Something should be done as well to rehabilitate Nigerians displaced in the reconstruction of roads, Mouths are waging so much about the inconvenience. A lot more houses are marked for demolition and the owners are pleading for mercy. Government should be careful not to allow itself gain a reputation of wickedness out of this. The people’s plea should be listened to – to minimize what may look like a government-imposed suffering at this time of” economic recession.
Nothing much is happening on rural roads, while the urban roads get all the attention. This is unfair because most people live in live in the rural areas. Not everybody can be pleased by the government in this regard. But people’s welfare must be taken into primary account when decisions, like this are made. States must use resources on the principle of even spread, fairness and equity. Above all, the people’s welfare should determine what is ever done.

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