The conspiracy of ‘inconclusive elections’

 By Remy Oyeyemi

I  have just finished reading the statements of the Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission, Professor Mahmood Yakubu in the PUNCH newspaper of August 20, 2016 that he and his Commision would not be able to “guarantee conclusive elections in 2019.” He engaged in some noxious inanities and obnoxious platitudes to justify the possibility of this ridiculous position. He, without any shame insisted in the statement that any attempt to give “such an assurance at this time would be to second guess the outcome of the election.”
Without any sense of accountability that reinforces his obvious lack of integrity, Professor Yakubu said inter alia:
“It is not strange. More than any commission in the history of the country, we have conducted more elections outside the context of general elections. People often forget that we had inconclusive elections in the past.”
This is an admission of incompetence of this commission under his leadership. Professor Yakubu might have issues of amnesia, but not all of us are inflicted with the same challenge. It is this same commission that conducted several elections outside the general elections under Professor Attahiru Jega and did so conclusively.
I remembered several complaints by members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) wondering why they were losing elections under a PDP controlled Federal Government. But they could not make a good case against what Professor Jegga was doing. He made sure Nigeria had conclusive elections during general election and off general elections.
It is my view that Professor Yakubu potentially, is one of the enemies of Nigeria. He is bent on destroying this imperfect democracy that everyone is working hard to sustain. He is making it clear that he is not capable. He is saying it loud that he is not fit for this position.
He is saying it loud that Nigeria is in danger and this democracy would hit the rocks if he continues to be in charge of INEC until 2019. Professor Yakubu is so shameless about his incompetence that it boggles the mind. He has to be removed using the instruments of the law now if he does not know how to resign.
He rhapsodized about the 1979 general elections tragedy to justify in advance what is to happen in 2019. Extricating himself from the restraints of rectitude, he exuded disrespect for the concerns, anxiety and aspiration of Nigerians when he added as follows:
“In recent times, we have had series of inconclusive elections. The governorship election in Bauchi State was inconclusive because of the post-election violence and INEC concluded the election after two weeks. The same thing happened in Imo; the first election that brought in Rochas Okorocha was inconclusive, until two weeks after. In 2015, Taraba, Abia and Imo were inconclusive and there were other constituency elections where elections inconclusive.”
As a Professor of Political History and International Studies, it is amazing that Professor Yakubu has no respect for logic in his approach to issues. If elections were held, the votes counted and results available, why not make that result available to the public rather than hold on to it on the excuse that it is “inconclusive.”? Is it not the refusal to make the result available that leads to violence in the first place? Is it not the suspicion that INEC was holding on to the result of election because a particularly preferred candidate did not win that causes “post election” violence? Is Professor Yakubu’s INEC not an active collaborator in fostering post election violence if it holds on to results that are available for whatever reasons?
It is an abdication of responsibility for Professor Yakubu to begin to suggest that 2019 elections would be “inconclusive.” What would he be doing as the Chairman of INEC between now and 2019 to ensure that the election is “conclusive”? If he has the knowledge that 2019 elections could be “inconclusive” what is he doing to rectify the variables and do a good job for Nigeria and her democracy? Is this not an obvious self disqualification for this responsibility?
It is my conviction that Professor Yakubu is flying a kite for 2019. He is trying to prepare Nigeria for the rigging that is about to take place in 2019. He is trying to set the table for the tragedy he and his sponsors are ready to inflict on Nigeria in 2019. Professor Yakubu is spilling the secret plans of his sponsors for 2019. The plan ought to be obvious to all Nigerians. It is an “inconclusive election.”
In 2019, Nigerians should be allowed to pass judgment on President Buhari “conclusively.” The election has to be free and fair. It is not negotiable. It has to be transparent. It also has to be conclusive. For the Chairman of INEC to suggest that the 2019 elections could be “inconclusive,” shows that he is not up to the task. He is incompetent. He is unsuitable. He has to quit now. He has to resign his post now. If he fails to resign, he must be impeached by the Senate.
Professor Yakubu is in on a conspiracy. This is why he is indirectly telling Nigerians that the election in 2019 would not be free and fair. He is already preparing Nigerians to accept President Buhari despite after 2019. Professor Yakubu is working hard to ensure that President Buhari would still remain in power technically beyond 2019. Nigerians who love their country should begin to speak out now. This is a deliberate plan. Professor Yakubu’s reach into the past in relation to 1979 is very ominous. It is dangerous.

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