Archbishop slams Christian politicians …Says they are timid

 From Emma Uwanekezi, Enugu

His Grace, Most Rev. Emmanuel O. Chukwuma, (OON), Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province and Bishop of Enugu, has lashed out at politicians, especially the Christians among them, saying that they have not lived up to expectation and have disappointed the people.
Archbishop Chukwuma was delivering a sermon at a thanksgiving service to mark the conference of the Diocesan Men’s Christian Fellowship (DMCF) of the diocese which ended recently at St. John’s Anglican Church, Idaw-River, Enugu.
He said that they have not been outspoken on the problems besetting Christians in Nigeria because of their love for the positions they hold and promised to convene a meeting of Christian leaders to discuss the religious situations in the country.
The prelate who spoke on the theme, “Pressing towards the Mark” taken from Phil. Chapter 3 verse 14,  admitted that many things militate against the Christian, one of which is hunger, but “if one desires to press towards the mark, he must forget his past.According to him, St. Paul was persecuting Christians until God arrested him and his life changed.
He, therefore, urged Christians to earnestly ask for God’s grace to enable us press towards the goal.
“As we are running this race, we must do God’s will before we can have the grace to press on to the Mark. The grace of the Christian faith is an all comers event. No one is looking for the first person to get there. What matters is to get there”, the Archbishop said.
“Forget about what you were before, do not let your past haunt you, just forget about it and press towards the Mark”. Paul did not allow his past to haunt him or brother him for he was a persecutor of people; he continued to press toward the Mark until he made it. You must also be spiritually thirsty and concern yourself with the WORD”, he told the congregation.
Expatiating on the theme of the conference, Bishop Chukwuma explained that it is from St. Paul’s innermost thought, adding that pressing to the mark simply means fighting on with all determination to achieve the desired result or victory.
He made it known that we are running a race and that the race is not a simple race until we arrive at the goal.
“We need God’s grace to be able to arrive at the Mark”. This is not a race in which we falsely assume that because we are born again, we have made the mark, No! Far be it as nobody is truly born again as far as Nigeria is concerned. If we say that we are born again and are sure of making the mark, we are lying and deceiving ourselves. We all are habouring ill feelings” he said.
The conference, which kicked off on the 1st of September 2016, ended on the 4th of September with thanksgiving service conducted by Venerable Davidson Udodi, while Rev. Chinedu Anyachukwu, Vicar, hosted the conference.

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