Economic recession strategy

The economy of Nigeria has been a resilient one that has survived all vicissitudes with little or no management and strategizing. This very one, that is in recession seems to be the straw that will break the camel’s back.
Against at! expectations, the government has up till now not raised any significant alarm that there is fire on the mountain. It has neither been daring to put the fire out. This is where the danger lies, especially as the national unity and political harmony between the governing APC and all the other parties for tackling the question is not there right now. They cannot come together, let alone have a consensus over the matter.
Until the world media announced it, the economic recession was treated like rain that may wishfully not fall. But now it is pouring and the deluge from it will certainly sweep a lot of people away. Nigerians are agonized and terrified today, and want to see the government’s sound strategy for dealing with the problem. The inevitable questions are: How! long is the recession expected to last? What need to be done? How will the recession be stopped, so that life can return to normal?
This recession is an opportunity for President Buhari to prove his mettle as a leader, it should not scare him into 3 reclusive withdrawal.  It is another kettle of fish, more complex than all the other wars he has fought. There is no war like this in ‘deadliness and ferocity.
That’s why we urge that the President must come, up quickly with how he .intends to tackle the problem.  If the plan is acceptable to Nigerians, public debate and brainstorming over it will necessarily follow immediately. And then concrete measures to deal with the matter will be applied also without delay, before it begins to take its toll on the people. Of course it is taking its toll already.
Fanciful words such as: “it will be well, we shall overcome it and recover soon, and we shall emerge stronger, after rain comes sunshine “will be dangerous and unhelpful when nothing visibly is being done. We do not agree that the present attitude of wait and see is what is needed. The official federal government attitude must be transparent, resolute, articulate, convincing and reassuring at airtimes until the recession goes away. This will bring all the people on board in the effort to put the problem to rest.

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