Igbo Church in UK rejects gay bishop

An Igbo-speaking congregation of Anglicans living in the United Kingdom has frowned at the consecration of an openly gay bishop by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Rev. Justin Welby.
In a statement recently, the  congregation, under the auspices of the Anglican Igbo Church of the Holy Trinity (AICHT), London expressed the need to redress the error as it has “damaging impacts on the global Anglican Communion in particular and the universal body of Christ in general”.
They described the development as “deeply disturbing” and capable of further deepening the rift in the church at a time the Anglican Communion is struggling to find a common ground.
The statement, entitled, “Our concern: the appointment of an openly confessed gay bishop” and signed by eight prominent priests in different dioceses in the UK, pointed out the need to maintain the integrity of the Holy Scripture.
The AICHT, inaugurated six years ago by the Bishop of Willsden, consists of more than 250 Igbo speaking Anglicans of Eastern Nigeria origin living in the UK, a good number of whom are British citizens.
Text of the statement read thus:
The Anglican Igbo Church of the Holy Trinity (AICHT) London is an Igbo speaking congregation of Eastern Nigerian origin living in the United Kingdom, a good number of who are British citizens. We are a recognised part of the Church of England, inaugurated by the Bishop of Willesden—six years ago with the approval of the Lord Bishop of London, the Right Rev. Richard Chartres. We worship every first Sunday of the month at St John-at Hackney, Lower Clapton, with a membership of two hundred to two hundred and fifty. All of the officiating Priests come from different Dioceses and hold various licenses in the Church of England.
We write to express our concern following the revelation that the Bishop of Grantham, the Right Rev. Nicholas Chamberlain, is in a loving gay relationship. For the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Justin Welby to knowingly consecrate him to such a high office is “deeply disturbing” as this would further deepen the rift in the church, at a time the Anglican Communion is struggling to find a common ground.
The action of the Archbishop of Canterbury appears to be a deliberate and calculated attempt to derail the unity we so long for, of which so much effort were put in. We stand with the conservative and charismatics within the Church of England to reiterate that marriage is a holy sacrament and a union between a man and a woman and if desirable, for the purpose of pro-creation.
We do not accept any other teaching or interpretation, as such is an attempt to redefine marriage for personal gratification. The attempt by some to reform the Church of England to conform to secular views is not only flawed, but ridiculous and makes the church irrelevant and unfit to be a channel for change and transformation of society. For instance, we find the acceptance of someone in a long-term gay relationship as celibate to be very confusing.  The church has a mandate to prepare people for the “kingdom of heaven” and to compromise this mandate is not only shameful but an attempt gone too far.
The Scripture says that if salt losses its saltiness, it is only fit to be thrown away and trampled upon and we hope and pray that this does not happen to the Church of England.
We feel that there is need to take immediate steps to redress the error of this appointment and its damaging impacts on the global Anglican Communion in particular and the universal body of Christ in general. History will not be kind to us if appropriate and necessary actions are not taken.  God is watching; we need to work in partnership to maintain the integrity of the Holy Scripture because God and the world are looking to us for hope, direction and purpose.
Yours in Ministry
List of Priests and Parishes/Dioceses in which they are serving:
1. Ven.Dr Amatu Onundu Christian-Iwuagwu – Vicar, St Mary’s Harmondsworthand Priest in Charge,AICHT– London Diocese
2. Revd Fr. Sebastian C. Ejiaku–Upper Clapton team Ministry– London Diocese
3.  Revd Canon Ifeanyi Chukuka – Hospital Chaplain, White Chapel NHS Trust- Chelmsford Diocese
4.  Revd NnamdiMaduka – St Joseph the Worker –  London Diocese
5. Revd ColinsDureke – Southwark Diocese
6. Ven.EmekaEjinkonye – Associate Priest – Chelmsford Diocese
7. Revd Brown Olisa – Southwark Diocese

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