Erosion threatens Okigwe Road flyover

A gully has developed at the base of the new flyover on Okigwe Road, Ugwu Orji, Owerri and road users are afraid that the flyover might collapse if nothing is done urgently to salvage the situation.
Christian Voice investigation revealed that the foot of the flyover which gulped huge sums of money from the state’s coffers, was being washed away by erosion from the heavy rainfall being experienced recently in the state.
One of the motorists who spoke to our reporter appealed to the federal government to give the state a helping hand in the building of the road which is originally scheduled as federal government responsibility.
Meanwhile, Eke Ukwu Owerri Market, which has been at the centre of controversy over its relocation, has been taken over  by refuse emanating from traders’ operations.
Douglas Road, which cuts through the city centre, was rendered impassable due to the mounting refuse as well as portions of the road where large pools of water have developed, thus hindering vehicular movement.
Floods arising from blocked drains and gutters compounded the squalid state of the market and traders have been exposed to health hazards.
An official of one of the unions in the market feared that the state government had looked away from the market due to the traders’ refusal to quit the market on the orders of the state government.
The owners of market, the Owerri indigenes, are also at war with the government over the planned relocation of the market.
As at press time, construction workers were seen filling the potholes in the damaged portions of the road.  But the refuse continued to increase, spilling into the main road.
Helpless traders were also seen doing business amid the stench from the decomposing refuse.
Efforts to reach the State Environmental Transformation Commission (ENTRACO) whose responsibility it is to clear refuse on the state capital proved abortive.