NBA boss recommends true federalism for Nigeria

 By Nick Chibunna

True federalism has been described as a panacea for myriads of problems confronting Nigeria even as clueless leadership is said to be responsible for the present economic and political quagmire the country has found itself in.
This observation was made by Barr. L.U.N. Nwakaeti, Chairman, Nigeria Barr Association (NBA), Imo State Chapter while speaking with Christian Voice recently in his office.
Barr. Nwakaeti who spoke on a wide range of issues bordering on both state and federal, postulated for a return to regional arrangement, since according to him, it would make for effective competition among the regions and stimulate economic development and growth.
The NBA boss who said that the present system of government in Nigeria is not Federal, but unitary with much powers concentrated at the centre warned that except something is done and quickly too, the present youth restiveness, insurgency, agitations as a result of marginalization and exclusion of certain sections of the country from State affairs would continue unabated.
He said that great nations of the world like the United States, Canada, Switzerland and others are typical examples of true federal system of government as individual states or regions have control over their own affairs, but are in turn controlled by the central government on major policy decisions like the military and finance.
He blamed the present economic recession in the country to clueless leadership occasioned by tribal and religious loyalties of some political leaders. The result, he said, is confusion everywhere, as he appealed to such leaders to have a change of attitude.
He called for a return to the former regional arrangement which guaranteed each region the powers to have control over their own affairs including their resources, like the cocoa from the West, palm produce from the East, timber from the Mid-West, hides and skin, cotton and groundnut from the North, and others.
Barr. Nwakaeti said that if each component unit is allowed to control its own resources, it would go a long way to ending the present fracas due to ethno-religious scramble .
On Okorocha of Imo State, the NBA boss said that Imo State has been reduced to a fiefdom as almost every system had broken down.

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