The confusing meaning of change

Politics in our country is now like a mathematical problem without the equation for solving the problem.
In this dilemma, there are institutions that must provide the equation, but which are not aware of that responsibility. The INEC is one. It will run the process for electing new leaders. This it appears not capable of doing without fear or favor. The next is the Presidency. It is failing to provide the theory from which the equation will be derived. The other democratic institutions are the electorate and the media. The media are not helping voters make dispassionate and correct electoral choices.
It is when these institutions have accomplished their work that the legislature and judiciary competently come in to checkmate those elected and keep them on the right track for their work. All these would be welcome changes of substance and symbolism, reflecting the real change the present government promised. But as things are now, the government does not seem to know anymore what it meant by “change “.
With this in mind the president’s launch of ” change begins with me ” confused a lot of people. This comes to the people with a jolt. Where does the government come in? This change is its idea: We did not demand change. They offered change and on the basis of that asked for our votes; it is the government’s duty to figure out what that change is and deliver it.
Whether individuals change or not, Nigeria will still have to contend with insurgency in the north east, militancy in the South-south, Biafra in the South-east and corruption in the government, economic recession, criminality and instability in the political parties as a consequence. Solutions to these problems must still be found sooner than later.  This government had better prepare to handle the huge doubt about change and its democratic credentials looming in the mind of the Nigerian voter.  The next election will depend so much on what has been delivered on this issue of change.

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