Bishop Okorafor warns against communal clashes in Imo

The Anglican Bishop of Egbu, Rt. Rev. Geoffrey Okorafor has accused some professed Christians of fuelling the conflicts in some communities in Imo State which impact negatively on the communities’ economy and the Church.
The bishop who made the remark at a special service at St. John’s Church, Umundoche in Ngor Okpalla Local government of Imo State made specific reference to the long-drawn communal feud in Obima Autonomous Community in Ngor Okpalla that has defied solution.
He charged the Christian faithful involved in the disputes to resolve them by embracing peace and reconciling with one another.  Otherwise they would be evoking the wrath of God on themselves.
Urging the elders and youths in these area to resist further escalation, the prelate opined that the conflicts were fuelled by the parochial and selfish interest of some of the highly-placed individuals and counseled them to pursue peace in the interest of their unborn generations.
Bishop Okorafor then commended the Special Adviser to Imo State Governor on Peace and Conflict Resolution, for trying to resolve the hostilities in communities in the state.
In his sermon earlier, the Bishop’s Chaplain, Rev. Progress Okorafor argued that it was the desire of most Christians to attain enviable heights but advised that in pursuit of such ambitions they should maintain high ethical morals and values.
He assured that once they were impeccable, that God would rescue them from all frailties of life.