Clinton or Trump

The world is gasping to see the incredibly breath-taking choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump settled in favor of the mercurial Democratic Party candidate. Nigeria has justified stake and interest in who becomes the next American president, because for better or for worse, our presidential system was copied entirely from there. And its advancement will also definitely be inspired from there. The American president’s disposition towards us means a whole lot for our future. There are several ways in which the next American president will directly or indirectly impact the life in Nigeria. The list is not a short one.
Nigerians will normally look at it from the position of each of the candidates on the electoral issues – immigration, security, foreign policy, terrorism, world economy in general and others, So far, the choice is clear. We know at this point who is more likely to bring a dividend of goodwill.
Americans look at the candidates more from the prism of personal integrity and reliability who will represent better America’s worldview? The new President must act according to Americans belief in democracy, freedom, justice and equality. This fundamental and entrenched America ethos is what Nigeria should have endeavored to emulate, not just their flamboyance and, infrastructural sparkle alone.
Regarding these matters Hillary Clinton looks good to get our support. She is a mild, moderate, good tempered, gentle and experienced woman. She is the type of leader a war-thorn, bleeding world needs. To the contrary, Donald Trump is a man who wants to devour, He looks more like a threat than one who can show tolerance and decent respect for the opinion s of mankind.  The cruel aspects of him have not quite unfolded. If he becomes president it likely hat he will be dangerously single-minded and unable to tie tolerant. He is not sufficiently civilized in these respects. People have often commented on his inappropriate temperament. He has always treated his opponent, a woman with indecent verbal violence. Despite his rapid gains in polls rating, we expect the Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton to trounce him in the November 8 election. Subsequently, America must face squarely the calamity and tragedy in Syria. Mrs. Clinton must do something to reduce the consequences of earlier cavalier disposition of America that antagonized the world which Obama has done much to ameliorate m the past eight years.

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