Don’t be afraid of persecution … If Christians do not want the Church to die they just need to suffer to keep it going – Online missionary tells Christians

Christians all over the world have been advised not to be afraid of persecution in the course of living or propagating their faith.
James Syrow, an online missionary, gave the advice when he spoke recently to Christian Voice in Owerri.
Syrow argued that if Christians do not want the church to die, they just need to suffer to keep it going.
The Russian-American expert in website construction and online ministry said that, with the consciousness that no one lives forever, nor can one avoid death, Christians should come to the realization that it is useless to fear persecution while proclaiming Christ and their faith.
He regretted that Nigerians living in the United States of America and other Western countries no longer care about the Church or family.
According to him, a good number of them become materialistic and pursue the highest grades in college without a thought for what really matters in life.
In the end, he said, they are faced with divorce, and lose their identity, contrary to the Nigerians at home who, though dissatisfied about a bleak future, still hold on to their beliefs and values with structures, authority and respect intact.
He described the Nigerian at home as emotionally rich, even when he might be seen as financially incapacitated.
Syrow said that his online ministry, which targets the youths who maintain heavy online presence, builds websites for churches and schools and works with education and non-profit foundations.
He encouraged Christians to have larger families as this tends to promote Christianity.
“Small family is not a good thing,” he said, adding that what the children need is a good direction in life.
He sees Islam as not giving the intrinsic education to its adherents as it appears interested in seeing the young ones recite some Arabic words without understanding them.
In the end, poverty and ignorance pervades their fold and they get decimated by disease.
He said that about 75,000 Muslims were killed by their fellow Muslims in 2016 and that their number is shrinking because they are killing themselves.
According to him, latest statistics show that Christians are growing in number while Muslims are going down.
Syrow, who has  been in Jos, Plateau State, before visiting Owerri, Imo State, said that the bible promotes literacy and is an embodiment of everything one requires.  He aspires to be a priest.

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