Tough days ahead for the church in Nigeria – Christian group leader

The President of Open Doors, a Christian group based in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Mr. Eddie Lyle, has declared that the church is facing its Gethsemane in Nigeria.
Giving a vivid report of Christian persecution worldwide, Lyle recently said that Nigeria had overtaken North Korea as the most difficult country for Christians to live out their faith.
He said that the country had endured years of destruction and great human loss and that it was time the Church around the world to hear “not only their cries, but their screams for help and for the support of the family of God around the world”, he told a foreign correspondent.
The Christian leader, who visited Northern Nigeria in May, this year, spoke to church leaders and pastors who have experienced extreme violence at the hands of Boko Haram an Islamic group that has waged terror in the Northern Nigerian states since 2009.
Lyle also met families of some of the missing Chibok girls who were kidnapped by the terrorist group in April 2014.
“I saw a level of devastation in the eyes of those mothers and fathers that I have never seen before – an ongoing torture,” he said.
“To witness the erosion of life that has been ebbed away from those people, with no hope for the future, I found that profoundly harrowing”
A father, he said asked him how to stop his wife from screaming in the night.
“I held him in my arms. I prayed with him and promised to be his voice”, he said, quoting the scripture that says when one part of the body hurts, the whole body hurts.
Lyle, 64, who has travelled globally and has worked for two decades for Open Doors, said: “We can’t sit back and watch this happen.  The number of churches which have been burnt down, people have been destroyed, their livelihoods have been destroyed.  North-eastern Nigeria needs to be rebuilt.”

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