Why agitation for Biafra will not end – Retired Air Force officer

A social crusader, public opinion analyst, accountant and retired Air force Officer, Sir Temple Ogueri Onyeukwu, has maintained that the agitation for Biafra will continue till the Nigerian state institutionalizes justice, equity and fairness for all the federating units.
Speaking to Christian Voice recently, Sir Onyeukwu argued that the generation of the Igbo that did not witness the civil war are suffering from the same injustice, that prompted the war, hence the intensity of their current agitation.
But he added that the quest for Biafra has moved to the spiritual realm as “we need spiritual solution to it”.
Adding his voice to the restructuring of Nigeria, the retired Air Force officer submitted that Nigeria, as presently constituted, is clumsy and cannot work, blaming it on the imposition of the unitary form of government  by the military.
He said that unless the country is re-structured that Nigeria “will continue to have motion without movement”.
He insisted that with the sundry agitations all over the place, restructuring is the only way for Nigeria to go as he even posited that the North will benefit the most following restructuring, given the region’s massive land mass and immense agricultural potentials.
On Nigeria’s economy, Sir Onyeukwu posited that the economy will get worse because its foundation is faulty.

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