Bishop’s son stabs friend in Owerri

A teenager, (names withheld), escaped death by the whiskers when he was stabbed by a friend  last week in Owerri, Imo State.
A minor scuffle between the duo over a mobile phone device set the stage for exchange of words which later degenerated to a blood bath.
An eye witness said the victim was stabbed with a broken bottle by his assailant which caused pandemonium in the area.
The assailant, a son of a  Pentecostal church bishop in Owerri, was said to have come in the morning hours  in search of his victim .
Unknown to the victim,  his assailant came with a bag containing dangerous weapons,  including a broken bottle which he eventually used to inflict a serious injury on the back of his victim.
The victim was later rushed to Federal Medical Centre, Owerri where he had to undergo a major surgery.
Apparently shocked by the depth of the injury which almost affected the spinal cord of the victim and a cut in one of  his arteries, well wishers donated four pints of blood as required by  surgeons for blood transfusion to save the life of the teenager.
The assailant who inflicted the injury was later apprehended by youths before he was handed  over to the Police where investigation is ongoing.
The victim still in pains and as the time of filing this report was undergoing treatment.
Community leaders have intervened in the matter but close relatives of the victim are insisting on pressing charges in court to punish the culprit to serve as a deterrent to others.

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