Church under siege – Bishop warns, condemns love of money by Churches

The Anglican Bishop of Owerri, Rt. Rev. Cyril C. Okorocha, PhD has counseled the clergy, parents, teachers and Christians to “remember that nothing is worth our while except those that have eternal values”.
Espousing the theme of 2016 Owerri Diocesan Synod – “Building in time for eternity”, the bishop noted that the things people toil for “are passing away” and that “only Jesus will persist”.
He posited that today’s Church is under siege like the world itself, attributing it to excessive love of money by the churches.
The prelate submitted, “our mission and evangelism outreaches are no longer measured in terms of new souls won for God’s Kingdom but by how much money we have raised or failed to raise”.
Bishop Okorocha then lamented that “our normal services and worship sessions no longer major on sound biblical expositions and profound prophetic sermons to convert the sinner and edify the saints”.
The bishop equally identified what he called ideological enslavement through economic enslavement as some of the tactics the enemy employs to “tighten the nozzle of the economic suffering on the neck of the people of God in the hope that they will, out of fear, greed or weakness begin to pleads for relief”.
He treated such sub-heads as “social and political doormatism”, “some axiomatic assertions and observations”, “when to say no publicly” among others as he assured that “God and God’s glory alone is the only thing eternal”.
The Bishop of Owerri then exhorted Christians to “keep yourself pure and God will use you in time for eternity”.

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