Mount refuse at Douglas

Douglas Road, Owerri, Imo State capital, the hub arid centre of gravity of Imo State was in a mess for weeks. Refuse droppings there formed a mountain and the stench was too bad to inhale. It was an embarrassment to all. Prospects of epidemic from there were very high. The poisonous effusion from a similar dump site in Uyo, Akwa Ibom reportedly killed 27.  That was sufficient warning to the state government.
It is a shame that mere refuse disposal is still an issue here, when people elsewhere in the world are occupied with rocket and nuclear science. It is a shame that we lag so much behind. The refuse heaps have fortunately been moved out of the way. That was the only sensible thing to do instead of engaging in politicking, argument and verbal exchanges that served no useful purpose.
We join in thanking the people who did the job. It was public service par excellence. The area should now be properly sanitized, so that people can breathe fresh air there and move about freely. Measures should be taken to prevent a future recurrence. That’s why there is government!
It is inexcusable to let refuse litter the country which makes it an eye saw. Everywhere you go, there are small and big mountains of refuse, emitting awful smell and endangering the lives of people. Yet there is a government. Who is responsible? We expect the federal government to intervene in matters of this nature by putting the responsibility inescapably where it belongs. This is indeed a serious matter.
In the case of Douglas Road, It is ridiculous to link it with the dispute over the relocation of Eke-Ukwu market or the court injunction there from. Clearing of refuse has absolutely nothing to do with them.
Whoever was fanning the embers of warfare between the SMSG and the people over the removal of the market and the refuse is a bad Adviser or Special Assistant, He or she should be shown the way out.  In such matters the peace-maker is always to be preferred. !t is the wrong way to handle opposition. We’ve seen this scenario before. It has never paid the government” to resist the wishes of the people, which it is there to uphold in the’first1 place. Government always should show the higher sense of maturity. Government should never be at logger-head with the people it serves.11t must always bow to the wishes of the people.

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