Tribalism, hatred crushes the Church – Bishop

The Bishop of Asaba Anglican Diocese, the Rt. Revd. Justus Mogekwu, has pronounced the Church guilty of tribalism, lack of forgiveness, envy and hatred.
Speaking at the Power Night, a monthly programme of the Diocese of Abuja held at the All Saints Church, Wuse Zone 5, Abuja, the prelate said the world has lost the light and people of God are walking in utter darkness and crushing one another.
“Jesus Christ is the light of the world, His word is the light and the entrance of the word of God brings light and anyone who walks in this light will have the light of life and will never stumble.”
Bishop Mogekwu said that there is darkness because the Church is crushed with the problem of tribalism, lack of forgiveness, envy and hatred. He said until Christians have Jesus at the centre of their worship, they can never walk in the light.
He queried, “For how long will Christianity in Africa be one mile long and one inch deep?” He said unserious people are unserious Christians that have no light in them. He gave so many living personal examples to re-iterate that God is everywhere and the Anglican Church is alive, because Jesus the miracle wondrous worker is there.
He admonished that Christians should not be of double mind and should not be distracted by prosperity preachers, adding that what Jesus is asking of believers is to let go of bad habits that could stand between them and their miracles. He said secret societies and cultism have been great obstacles to people and their blessings, adding that as many as come to God, He will never cast out.
The Bishop of Asaba Anglican Diocese asked those who were present at the power night vigil to drop things that are militating against them and their miracles.
Many souls were won for Christ at the All Saints Church, Wuse Zone 5, Abuja at the night of aggressive prayers, supplication and deliverance.

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