Danger looms in Christendom … Unless Christians evangelise their children, says Evangelist

By Abraham Eze-David

The founder and President of the Children Evangelism Ministries (CEM) International, Evangelist Tony Egbuna, has predicted doom in Christendom if Christians fail to invest spiritually in their children.
“I am saying this with tears in my eyes, like Jeremiah, danger is coming unless we evangelise our children”, Evangelist Egbuna said.
Egbuna, who was on tour of six states, in the east, spoke recently to Christian Voice when he visited Imo State.
He said that if Christians in Nigeria fail to evangelize the children, the devil will make them vandals, adding that the failure is manifesting already as the children grow up to join cults and terror groups.
He feared that what happened to Europe where churches are being sold to people of other religions might happen to Nigeria if they do not heed the call by Christ that the children should be brought unto him (Mark 10:13-15).
“Cathedrals are being sold off in Europe and the beneficiaries of this are other religions,” he lamented.
The evangelist, who has been in the children ministry since 1977, said he was motivated into the ministry when he met a woman doing a similar thing in Monrovia  Liberia where  he sojourned for his tertiary  education after the Nigerian civil war.
According to Egbuna who encountered Jesus Christ on Nov.27, 1970, the ministry appears not to be popular in the country as many churches still relegate the children to the background.
He said that at a forum of Christians, only 21 out of 3,000 admitted having led children to Christ, and expressed readiness to partner with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and other churches and Christian organizations.
He commended Owerri Diocese for their support to the ministry and Bro Chudi Onuzo who, he said, coordinated the ministry in the diocese.
The Ilorin, Kwara State-based evangelist postulated that a focus on the children would make at least one third of Nigerians Christians in less than 10 years.
“If there are more bible clubs, there will be few cult groups,” he said.
Because it was serious, Evangelist Egbuna said that he did not take any paid employment after his youth service in 1977, adding that ever since, he had been  in full time ministry.
In his entourage were Evang. Julie Mere, the CEM coordinator in Imo State, as well as Evang. Dr. James Udoh, South east zonal director.
Others were Evangs. Godwin Eju, Job Ayeyemi, Rukoko Boroman, Bulus Magaji, Victor Eboh and Lolo Nkoli Ewurum.

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