Enough of crisis in FMC

A ceasefire in FMC is a must now. That’s our firm editorial stand this week. And we urge all to back this stand and help make it happen.
Federal Medical Centre, Owerri  has for the past one year or so witnessed a paralyzing trade dispute that today makes it look like a shadow of its self as a tertiary medical facility.
For this reason many people who would have been living today are dead because the services of the centre were not available. FMC has been severely weighed down and made incapable of rendering the indispensable services for which it was established.
No matter who is right or wrong in the dispute the war should stop so far. We cannot afford to see the struggle prolonged any longer. The irrational exuberance over FMC leadership ignores the bigger issue – the huge cost in precious lives involved.
FMC is a workplace for highly respected professionals whose sacred charge is to save lives. The place stands for excellence in this regard. Both for the embattled management and some complaining members of staff these standards must be upheld at all times. What should be of paramount importance to them is the service they must render to desperately sick people who depend on them to survive. This should move them to tears, to rethink and return to work for goodness’ sake. Only God can reward them in this decision. This should reflect on their patience and sense of extraordinary tolerance in the workplace.
Please halt the drift and let peace reign. It is not a question of who has won or lost the battle. It is a question of serving the far-reaching interest of all of us who must at one time or the other use the hospital. With or without the changing of guard in FMC, the appeal is for all the workers to let FMC be. Let Angela  also be, especially as the investigation panel has returned her with a clean bill of administrative health, while she learns her lessons from the causes of the disruptions in the medical centre.
There are yet formidable medical frontiers to be surmounted in this country in the  field.

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