Bishop hits Christian lawmakers – For keeping silent

By Emma Onumah

An Anglican bishop has expressed dismay at the silence of Christian legislators, especially in the National Assembly, over the bill on Sharia which has gone far without contention or protest in the Senate and House of Representatives.
The Rt. Rev. Cyril C. Okorocha, PhD, Bishop of Owerri, was preaching at the Cathedral Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord (CATOL), Owerri at a service last Sunday.
Bishop Okorocha pointed  out that the legislators are in the House to protect people’s interest, stating that on its passage, the Sharia would  be enshrined in the Nigerian constitution “without minding whose ox is gored”.
The prelate wondered why the strange silence of the Christian legislators over such a contentious issue, and dismissed as a ruse, the statement credited to one of the Christian Senators, to the effect that the said bill would be put in a cooler where it would die a natural death.
He said that time has come for every well-meaning Nigerian to sit up because, according to him, Nigeria, as a nation, is in trouble.  He warned that any measure or decision taken that discomforts people is worth resisting. For instance, he said, he did not see why a law or measures would be taken, to build settlement camps for herdsmen all over the country who, by nature are normadic, thus trying to compel them to remain permanently at a place, for whatever reason(s).
The Diocesan who quoted extensively from the Holy Bible, used the opportunity to counsel Christians to be mindful of life in eternity, and to do so, bearing in mind that tomorrow is important for everyone. As he further warned; “One should live each day as though tomorrow would not come by”, adding that, “it is not only setting your eyes on things above, but also to endeavour to make peace with the Father the Creator, who knows what tomorrow is, and who also holds the key to each one’s life and destiny”.