Enugu cleric tasks Christians

– From Emmanuel Uwanekezi, Enugu

The  congregation of Emmanuel (Ang.) Church, Enugu, gave an impressive response to the church’s annual general harvest held  recently at the church in Achara Layout, Enugu, Enugu Sate.
Ven. Ifesinachi Okonkwo, guest preacher at the harvest service, had challenged the worshippers, in his though-provoking sermon, to always give costly gifts to God.
He praised the congregation for reconstructing the church and declared to them that “heaven will build this type of house for all of you in Jesus’ name”, urging them not to be tired.
He, however, took a swipe at those who exhibit affluence in their dressing but fall short of expectation in the work of God.
The cleric said that thanksgiving provokes God’s favour and urged the congregation to look back in the year at what God had done for them.
“If He decides to withhold His kindness from us, what will be our fate”? he asked, adding that, like the biblical widow, one must give all at harvest.
He cited David who said in 2nd Samuel 24:24; “I will not give God something that costs me nothing”, and got a reward as the man after God’s heart.
Abraham, he said, offered his son Isaac and God rewarded him with a generation of large numbers.
He condemned hypocrisy, where people profess love for God only on their lips while some claim to be born-again without their character reflecting such.
After the motivating sermon, many among the worshippers responded, some donating vehicles, cash and livestock to the church.
Chairman of the harvest committee, Mr. Emeka Umeoduagu, thanked the worshippers and prayed for God’s blessings upon them.
The first and second lessons were taken from Deut. 8:11 and Romans 5:12-21.

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