Britons celebrate as Andy Murray makes another history

One thing common among the British is their value for history.  Once a Briton achieves a feat, all of them celebrate from the depth of their hearts including the English, the Scottish, the Welsh and even the Irish.
They are so enthused by such though others may not see anything to celebrate about it that even the royal family usually gets involved with the queen awarding the prestigious M.B.E (Member of the British Empire) honour to such an achiever.
That was what happened a few years ago after Andy Murray, a Scottish lawn tennis star, won the popular Wimbledon Championship after 27 years a Briton had not won it.
The whole corners of Britain exploded into celebration for Murray’s rendezvous with history although an unimpressed American exuding with his traditional republicanism sneered at the British for elevating a routine yearly victory by America’s Serena Williams unto a national fiesta.
And just last week, the same Murray overtook his arch-rival Serbia’s Novac Djekovic, as world’s Number 1, a rare accomplishment too as no Briton has attained such a position in the last 30 years.
As usual, Britain is once more  agog with celebration and it is being mooted that the queen would once again honour the Scot with another national award on new year’s day.

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