How not to discipline your children – Bishop Osuegbu

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The seventh Edition of Christian Men’s Fellowship of the Anglican Diocese of Okigwe came to a close recently at the Cathedral Church of St. Barnabas, Okigwe.
In his charge at the conference with the theme: “Christian Father’s role in family discipline” the Bishop, Rt Rev. E.C.D. Osuegbu, PhD, JP contended that discipline is not just punishment as “discipline takes teaching to the next level”.
He argued, “it is one thing to teach a child but correction and further instruction help to shape a child’s character”, adding that “discipline is therefore training”.
Bishop Osuegbu spoke on poor ways to discipline children by parents and counseled against parents making idle threats to their children like saying, “don’t do that again or 1 will beat you”.
In his words, “we must beat the child when he repeats the wrong. If parents do not carry out what they have said the children will not trust them”.
Bishop Osuegbu warned fathers against training their children by being what he refered to as long-distance father.
“A father cannot father children he is not with. You cannot discipline on the telephone or via e-mail”, he said.
He called on parents to strive to show equal love to their children citing the biblical case of Essau and Jacob whose parents loved the latter more than the former and the rift it brought to the family.

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