Killing of Igbos, a case for the ICC

It can no longer be construed as hesitation but outright refusal by the FG to look into the   alleged recent killing of 150 so-called “Biafra protesters” who were peacefully celebrating the Anniversary of Biafra, The number is too many to be glossed over.
The issue was raised by AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL which requested the FG to probe the incident and fish out those who carried out the cruel, wicked and mindless massacre. Since then the call for the incident to be probed has come from many quarters including the Igbo caucus in the Senate and Ohaneze. But the FG is unable to respond to it one way or the other. It has paid deaf ears to the calls,
For an incident that took place within Nigeria, it shouldn’t have been AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, a foreign body based abroad, that would see the heinous crime in the matter before the federal government.
FG needs not to be told about it.  It should have been the first to talk about it, denounce it and to tell the world what action follows for punishing the killers.  A foreign organization that doesn’t live here has no business crying over it more than the bereaved country and government. That is absurd.
That being the case, asking the FG to institute a. probe is wrong as it will only pave the way for it to have the chance to exonerate itself and. set those concerned finally free. It is only guilty conscience that will make the FG be cool about the matter, in that case, the International Criminal Court (ICC) is the proper authority to ensure justice for the victims of the massacre and the people who mourn them and are bereaved. This is a classical crime against humanity.

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