Archbishop Chukwuma reaffirms supremacy of the Bible

From Emmanue Uwanekezi, Enugu

Most Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma, the Archbishop of  Enugu, reaffirmed the supremacy of the Hoy Bible in the Christian life, recently, when he performed the confirmation of some Anglican faithful at Emmanuel (Ang.) Church, Achara Layout, Enugu.
“Any Christian who does not believe in the Bible is finished, and the word of God is the same yesterday, today and forever”, the Archbishop declared.
His Grace Emmanuel Chukwuma said that the word of God is against homosexuality and lesbianism and wondered why the church of England could accept it.
According to him, the Church of Nigeria and others in the Anglican Communion stopped attending the Lambeth conference to show their discontent over the Church of England’s inclination to homosexuality.
This, he said, showed that the Church of England no longer believes in the word of God.
He, therefore, urged the confirmed candidates to stand on the word of God and not to be confused.
“In confirmation, you are supposed to prove that you have come of age and ready to live according to God’s words”, he said.
He advised them to test every spirit because many false prophets have infiltrated the world, speaking in tongues and mesmerizing followers.
“When a man of God lays his hand on you, be ready to speak in tongues because you have the Holy Spirit.  However, if your heart is not with God, you cannot have the Holy Spirit.  You must be at peace with your neighbour.  Holy Spirit does not stay where there is confusion”, he said as he laid his hands on them to complete the confirmation.
Two children of 11 years in JSS1 performed brilliantly after answering questions thrown to them by the Archbishop and were admitted for confirmation.

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