Robbers raid Port-Harcourt bound bus … Cart away valuables

By Chukwuebuka Nkachukwu

A commuter bus travelling from Owerri to Port Harcourt was recently intercepted by suspected armed robbers on Port Harcourt Road about 8.00p.m who robbed them of their belongings.
One of the victims and a passenger told Christian Voice that the incident occurred when the driver attempted to pass a road block but four heavily-built men armed with guns, emerged from the bush ordered the driver to stop and the passengers to come out from the vehicle.
According to him, the marauders also asked the passengers to lie flat on the ground and surrender all the valuables with them.
The frightened passengers were said to have swiftly complied with the order after which the hoodlums ordered every passenger back to the vehicle as they instructed the driver to take off and never to look back.

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